Have you been asking the question of should you repair or is replace toilet the way to go? If you believe your toilet system still has life, read up on our explanation of the simple testing and repairs to the cistern tank. Modern toilet cisterns are becoming accessible for plumbers to operate. Regarding money and time, it may often seem like the best option is to repair rather than replace toilet.

We will show you the signs; you will see if you are best to replace toilet system now.

1. It clogs frequently

A toilet can clog due to several reasons. It may be the strength of its flush, the cleanliness of the drainpipes, and what it’s trying to flush. The limited power of the flush may cause the drain to deposit and begin to block the drainage system.

These deposits happen more frequently when a toilet is old and has a weak flush because the toilet doesn’t have the power to blast the deposits away. If you want to ensure your toilet is the problem before replacing it, you could have your drainpipes professionally cleaned by Plumfast. If your drainpipes are clean and your toilet still clogs, it’s time for a new one.

2. It has cracks and leaks

If you notice a crack (even a small one) on the tank or the toilet bowl, it is best not to ignore them as it can get worse over time. These cracks can cause slow water leaks, and left-over time, will only get worse and result in you going to the bathroom room with wet feet.

A tip to check for cracks and leaks from the cistern tank and bowl would be to check during the routine cleaning of your toilet and bathroom. Keep an eye out for leaks, especially following a flush; you’ll find the first crack causing the leak. You will save money and protect your property with a toilet replacement.

3. It is causing an increase in water bills

Your water bill can have plenty of influencers in your home, from the long showers to leaking toilets and tap repairs. If you find it hard to think of a reason out of the ordinary that your bill has increased, then your constantly leaking toilet may be the problem. It may be time to replace toilet now.

As the toilet system ages, they often work harder to do their jobs. Increasing water use, the harder the system works, the more water it will use. Consider replacing your old toilet with a modern low-flow model, which works like a typical system and saves a noticeable amount on your water bill. Your system may still function effectively, which our team of qualified plumbers can test, but it may simply be an earlier-designed toilet that uses much water in its standard process.

4. It wobbles and shifts when you take a seat

This is a key sign to get a replacement instantly. A system that tilts and wobbles under normal pressure means it has not been sealed correctly and could cause major damage to your floors, the drainage, and the system itself. The leaks caused by a wobbly cistern could be detrimental.

If you notice any of these signs, replace toilet now. Whether your toilet might be aging, wobbling, or constantly running, you should contact a qualified local plumber like Plumfast. We currently offer reliable systems for a great price when you are ready to replace toilet.

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