Fullarton Bathroom Renovation Project

Heading to Fullarton, this time we are invited to do a makeover in our beloved client’s bathroom. They really love nature and greens and that just gave us an idea of how it can be turned into a design that they would love. 

How did we tackle such a situation? Follow along on this remodeling project to find out.

How We Did The Remodelling For The Bathroom in Fullarton

 In the Fullarton bathroom renovation, we accomplished a wide range of objectives and in addition to that, we undertook an extensive variety of undertakings. We incorporated these steps: removing shower screen, laying floor tiles, putting in a bathtub and covering up adjacent wall surfaces.

Since the beginning of the venture, we prepared to utilise a wide range of tiles in their bathrooms. We additionally acquired an extensive variety of tiles and chose them wisely, taking into consideration room and cash availability.The floor coverings were likewise very carefully picked for their waterproof nature and high design impact.

Additionally, we removed the shower screen and put in a bathtub. In this undertaking, we again utilized a wide range of tiles for walling and covering up adjacent surfaces. This set our clients back notwithstanding us being extremely watchful with the spending plan all the way through and guaranteeing that we got the best value for cash for each and every segment of the undertaking.

Because the bathroom is just beside their garden, we wanted to make it a highlight for this bathroom, therefore we added a big window from the shower room so as to bring in more light and blend it in with their garden.

We also brought in a wooden block as the stool in the bathroom where they can put their stuff on it while they soak themselves inside the bathtub.

The Fullarton Bathroom Renovation was a success and we were able to achieve all of our goals. Luckily, the client wanted to use high-quality materials because this allowed us to choose from an extensive variety of tiles that met their needs and stay within budget at the same time.

We also made sure that they had ample lighting in their bathroom by installing a large window near the shower area – which is just what you need when it comes to natural light! There’s no denying that we’re proud of how well everything turned out for them after seeing these final pictures.

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