Glenelg Bathroom Renovation Project - Simple, Modern, And Luxurious

Not so long ago, we were given an opportunity to remodel a young couple’s bathroom. Plumfast is going with a modern approach to make the bathroom more spacious. 

Let’s follow along for the details of our work.

How We Did The Remodelling For The Bathroom in Glenelg

We are more than happy to present one of our past projects working with our beloved clients. This time, a young couple from Glenelg reached out to us to renovate their bathroom. They said they want to make it look simple and spacious.

And so, we answered them with this design choice for their bathroom. In this project, we were not only focusing on simplicity and use of spaces, but we also wanted to add some luxurious feeling to our renovation.

As you can see, nothing with a complicated shape is seen in this bathroom, most of the elements are shaped like a square which is our take on simplicity. The bathtub, the sink, the accent, the mirror, even the toilet has a square-ish silhouette. 

To make it seem like a luxurious bathroom, we give it a dark, rock-ish texture on the wall, as well as the light wood texture, to balance it out and give a spacious impression to the room.

In addition to that, we also opt to white furniture to add to this bathroom to increase the simplistic sensation it has

Nothing really changed as for the structure of the bathroom itself. The bathtub and the shower are on opposite sides of each other, which we think is perfect already. Most of our work is just to make it feel more comfortable for our clients with the looks, and the overall feel

Meeting our clients’ expectations drives us to give our best for each of our projects. And can’t wait to work together with you to make your own dream bathroom

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