Golden Grove Bathroom Renovation Project

We were contracted to renovate a bathroom in Golden Grove. The old bathroom had been neglected and the fixtures needed updating. There was also some minor structural damage which we repaired as well as adding a new window for ventilation.

We used quality fittings and materials, including porcelain tiles on the floor and walls, mirrored glass cabinets with soft closing doors, chrome taps and fittings on the sink and bathtub, and polished chrome towel rails above both sinks for drying towels after use. In addition, we added a heated towel rail above the bathtub to provide heat when required or desired by our client.

The result of all this work is an upscale modern functional bathroom that will serve the family well into the future.

How We Did The Remodeling For The Bathroom In Golden Grove

Now let us show you how we did the renovation for this project and met our client’s demands for their bathroom.

We are happy to be able to deliver a beautiful bathroom with the design that our customer needs. The design is simple, but it will work for what they are looking for.

The room is small, so there are no extra fixtures added. There is one shower chamber, one toilet, two sinks in one vanity, and mirrors on either side of the sink area.

The shower was at the corner of the room and we closed it with glass material. This design will provide plenty of space inside while also allowing some natural light in.

We kept it simple even with the color selection, as you can see all the tiles we used are of the same color and type.

The reason behind that is because this color goes well with the design of the bathroom, it matches with everything else. Also, if we were to use more colors, the room would feel smaller because there would be too many things going on.

Using one color will make it easier for us to keep everything organized during the process without getting too much.

Not only that, the earthy colors give off calming and comfortable vibes.
Overall, we are proud of how this bathroom turned out. Whether you want to renovate your bathroom or create something completely new, our team will work with you as closely as possible to make sure it’s done right.

Golden Grove Bathroom 4-min

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