Gulfview Heights Bathroom Renovation Project

Just recently, we were blessed to have collaborated with a family in Gulfview Heights. Their problem was that their new house doesn’t have a bathroom they like. Not to mention that it’s a bit too small.

So they contacted us so that we could share some insights on what we can do in this small space so it can be more effective.

How We Did The Remodelling For The Bathroom in Gulfview Heights

This time around, we will present to you one of our projects in Gulfview Heights. Not much was done for this small bathroom renovation project.

Our client wanted their bathroom’s small space to be optimized. Our answer? Make it minimalistic and make use of the area wisely.

We assure you we didn’t cheat by making the room larger. It stayed the same size but we enlarged it by doing a minor fix and adjustments on the sides.

As you can see from the pictures, there isn’t a lot of room to make use of, but luckily, they have a separate room for their toilet. What we do here is we mix the elements of wood and concrete for each side of the room.

This bathroom also has both a bathtub and a shower, both placed on the opposite side of the bathroom. One is near the window, and the other is near the door of the bathroom.

We also placed the sink in the middle of the bathroom, between the shower and the bathtub. We picked black as the color of the drawers and white as its top because it blends well with the ambience we were trying to create in this bathroom.

We also picked black for the faucet and the showers as the accents, because they contrast with the rest of the room making them stand out. 

Meeting our clients’ expectations is what drives us to give our best for each of our projects. And can’t wait to work together with you to make your own dream bathroom.

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