Hyde Park Bathroom Renovation

We had an opportunity to work with a client to remodel a bathroom with white walls and ample floor space to move around. Since we had a lot of space to work with, we decided to give our client a hotel-inspired bathroom with practical fixtures and clean lines. The result is a luxurious bathroom that still feels like home.

How We Remodeled The Hyde Park Bathroom

Our objective in remodeling the Hyde Park bathroom was to give the client a welcoming and relaxing space inside their own bathroom. The aesthetics had to be clean and modern while still staying practical and functional. To that end, we stuck with the all-white theme for the main bathroom fixtures like the sinks, tub, and toilet. 

To give the bathroom a modern feel, we installed a two-sink cabinet that allows for lots of storage and drainage at the same time. We wanted to show off the earthy tiles that we chose for the bathroom floor which was why we let the cabinets “float” instead of building them all the way down to the floor. This also keeps the pipes accessible from the cabinets without compromising on the urban aesthetics of the rest of the bathroom.

Putting a shower room and a bathtub in the same room may seem a bit much, but it gives our client options on how to relax in their bathroom. The shower is conveniently located beside the sink for quick access in the mornings, and we installed tiles on the wall that matched the floor to add visual interest to an otherwise all-white shower room. The bathtub has a shelf overhead that lets the client have additional storage and display space while keeping to the minimalist theme.

We chose a textured slate-like tile for the bathroom floor so as not to clash with the white walls, built-in mirrors, and overhead lights. Chrome fixtures with the same clean, rounded lines as the sink and the tub added a nice finishing touch.

The Hyde Park bathroom renovation exceeded our client’s expectations in providing a practical bathroom with modern hotel-like aesthetics on a reasonable budget. As you can see in the pictures, we made sure that no small detail was spared in this project so we could deliver a beautiful bathroom that our client would use and love at the same time.

hyde park 2-min

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