Mawson Lakes Bathroom Renovation Project: White Like Porcelain

A couple of years ago, we were handling a request for our client to renovate their bathroom. What they wanted was a simple look.

This time we made a trip to a house in Mawson Lakes. One of the family members living there adored a neat living space. They wanted a clean-looking bathroom.

Let’s follow along and see how we did the renovation.

How We Did The Remodelling For The Bathroom in Mawson Lakes

In this post, we present you with one of our most prized collaborations with our client to realize their dream bathroom. Yep, we don’t just renovate; we make dreams come true.

Our client has always dreamed of a clean-looking bathroom, not too over the top, but keeping some classical elements from traditional bathrooms.

So how did we approach it? We made ivory and white accents and applied the same style to the furniture. We also added recurring floral patterns through the middle line of the wall to give the bathroom a touch of traditional style.

Our choices of furniture are also simple. We chose simple shapes and an all white palette to keep it consistent with the client’s request.

We really tried to match the ambience with the overall design and color of the house and we went with the octagonal windows as it gives it that classical, traditional vibes to match the bathroom and the rest of the house.

All the faucets and showers are metallic, to show the simplicity of the bathroom.

After all the work, we finally get to see the beautiful, timeless, and clean bathroom that is comfortable for our client’s private use.

The goal of meeting our clients’ expectations drives us to give our best for each of our projects, and we can’t wait to work together with you to make your own dream bathroom.

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