Pasadena Bathroom: Small Space, Huge Impact

The Pasadena Bathroom Renovation Project

Our challenge for this bathroom renovation was to maximize the small, narrow space that we had for the bathroom. The client wanted something simple and modern for the design, without making the room look crowded. We gave them the spacious modern bathroom that they needed, all while making the most out of what was available to us.

Our Bathroom Renovation Strategy

Our main concern was how to give the bathroom a lot of space with the given floor plan, which meant that we had to be more intentional in our design choices. 

We chose our materials and fixtures carefully based on what the client wanted and what served the space best. We stuck to fixtures that were proportional to the space. We set the round sink over a floating cabinet so the room wouldn’t feel too crowded. Instead of installing a full mirror, we went with a single round mirror over the sink and left the rest of the wall space blank.

Adding a dedicated bath and shower area to the space meant installing a simple rectangular bathtub close to the wall to make room for the overhead shower. The shower gives our clients a place to wash up quickly while the tub is for relaxing after a long day. We also enclosed the bath/shower area with glass to set it apart from the rest of the room.

To accent the white-walled space, we chose neutral colored tiles for the floor and the wall of the bath/shower area. The surface of the tiles is slip-proof so accidents can be avoided. Not only did it look good with the rest of the bathroom, but it also gave a soothing effect to the room.

We completed the look with squared-off fixtures in black to contrast with the white in the walls. We made sure that our client got nothing but the best-quality materials and fixtures in their bathroom so they can enjoy spending time in it whenever they can.

With the completion of this bathroom renovation project, we delivered on all our goals in renovating the bathroom and transformed the space into a relaxing, spacious oasis. Our client couldn’t be happier with the results, and after seeing the pictures we’re sure you’ll love it too.


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