Wynn Vale Bathroom Renovation Project

Heading to Wynn Vale, this time we are doing a bit of remodelling work in our client’s bathroom. We must admit, it’s pretty challenging, as we have limited space to work with.

How do we tackle such a situation? Follow along on this remodeling project to find out.

How We Did The Remodelling For The Bathroom in Wynn Vale

We’re thrilled to share with you one of our recent collaborative projects with one of our clients throughout South Australia. This time they came from Wynn Vale, bringing a little modern style.

The client really trusted the room to us, and we didn’t want to disappoint.

Before renovating the designs, we started by measuring the details of the room. What we got was a long narrow alley that only allows two people to walk side by side.

So we made the room feel larger by using white tiles that you would normally find in industrial styled bathrooms.

We also applied concrete textures to the end sides of the wall. The purpose of this is also to illustrate a larger and wider room.

As for the furniture, we only placed a sink with no drawers, so it could save space and reduce the cramped feeling. As you noticed in the photos, almost everything is planted to the walls. That’s our trick to reduce clutter.

We tried to adopt other simplistic elements copying industrial style to this bathroom. We wanted the simple space to be used optimally and allow a modern feel.

Meeting our clients’ expectations drives us to give our best for each of our projects. We can’t wait to work together with you and make your own dream bathroom.

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