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If you are having trouble with blocked drains, Plumfast is the company to call in Adelaide. Unclogging blocked drains is what we do best. We can fix, unclog or repair any drain with the best service and plumbing repairs in Adelaide, so if you need a blocked drain fixed fast, call Plumfast.

Living in Adelaide, South Australia, we quickly learn that we are living in one of the driest inhabited places on this planet so ensuring all the population of homeowners and dwelling livers have flowing drains and easy access to running water. With all the water that flows into your house through all the taps and the cisterns and all the drains that take the water away from the home once used and passed through the sewage that the showers, basins, sinks and toilets that all leave through the drains below civilization, and from just your home…it adds up to South Australia having over 8700 kilometers of drainage.

With all that drainage we understand the frustration when it’s your plumbing work from your bath or toilet that has blocked up. That is why at Plumfast we believe our clients are our priority as we ensure the correct service you need is dealt with swiftly from our head office to our field technicians; we guarantee apart of our service to the South Australian public that we handle blocked drains as our emergency.

The Plumfast field technicians have reported the many strange things that they have seen blocking our drains, however we believe the common causes of the problem are the intrusion of tree roots, or issues due to the pipe work itself whether it may be cracked or misaligned pipes.

At Plumfast we ensure to go above and beyond for our client, as we are able to complete full service situations. For your block drains we are also able to clean along the entire length of your main drain through our Hydrojet Drain Cleaning service.

Hydrojet Drain Cleaning service

The Hydrojet Drain Cleaner our Plumfast field technicians is now assisting our business create a lasting and continuous effect of cleaner drainage from the homes to the mainline drains. This technology uses high-pressure jets spraying out water from a continuous flow, designed to clear through stubborn tree roots or various other intruders inside the drain that conventional drain cleaners may struggle to clear. The benefit of using the Hydrojet technology is that the jets simultaneously clean the drain and as it unblocks and clears the all that was left for efficient water flow.

CCTV Drain Camera Inspections

Using CCTV Drain Cameras throughout the inspection is a relatively new technology used prior to and following inspections and repairs. At Plumfast we focus on providing a service that goes beyond expectations and we ensure that the equipment used provides top quality imagery that we then relay the information and recorded DVD that will detail what our skilled technicians will be able to view.

CCTV Drain Cameras have now become a necessity for plumbers as the demand for advanced and clear information from our clients begins to grow larger, as we want to understand more about our own home. Our Plumbing technicians can carry out their CCTV drain inspections in a wide range of pipe work and drainages, this includes sewers, storm waters and trade waste drains.

The CCTV inspection can be recorded for your benefit to ensure we monitor the condition of the drainage below your home.

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