Check On Your Roof This Summer

Don’t be fooled by our Adelaide summer, homeowners will know that a leaking roof now can spell disaster later.

Small leaks here and there can cause mould, rot and damage to your ceiling but also the roof fascia and eave linings that you may not be able to see.

The colder months in Adelaide saw heavy rain and strong winds batter our roofs, and leaks or cracks may have developed without our knowledge. Once the sunshine comes out, you may think there is no reason to monitor the health of your roof but that doesn’t mean the rain won’t come back.

Here are our top four reasons you should fix your leaking roof this summer:

Fire and flood prevention

Cleaning your gutters and roof from fallen leaves and debris can protect your home from flooding and reduce the chance of bush fires. Clean out your gutters regularly and ensure all water can drain away easily.

Prepare for unpredictable summer weather

In Adelaide, we are no strangers to having those odd summer days with strong winds and heavy rains. Checking on your roof ahead of summer can save your home. A strong maintained roof is the difference between having water damage, preventing water coming through your roof.

Prepare the chimney for next winter

In summer, keep your fireplace in mind. This is the perfect time to inspect your roof around the chimney for any cracks or leaks and prepare it for next winter. Repair any cracks or damage around your chimney and clean out the fireplaces and chimney to settle in the warmer weather.

Service air conditioner ducts before it gets too hot

Before it heats up, add an aircon service to your roof maintenance inspection. Also check on the air conditioner ducts in your ceiling and through your roof for any leaks or cracks that are developing. Have your roof checked and aircon serviced to ensure any possible leaks are addressed.

Inspecting and repairing your roof in summer means you can relax knowing your home is ready for whatever the weather throws your way.
Plumfast has qualified, experienced plumbers that can help maintain your roofs integrity.