Don’t let Adelaide’s summer weather mislead you; homeowners should recognise that a leaking roof now could lead to catastrophe later. Thus, to check on your roof is essential.

Small leaks can result in mold, decay, and damage to both your ceiling and unseen areas like the roof fascia and eave linings. This emphasises the importance of why you should check on your roof.

During Adelaide’s colder months, heavy rain and powerful winds pummel our roofs, potentially causing leaks or cracks to form without us realising. Even when the sun shines, it’s essential to keep an eye on your roof’s condition, as rain can return unexpectedly, that’s why you should check on your roof now.

Top 4 Reasons to Check On Your Roof and Fix Leaks This Summer

Here are our top four reasons to check on your roof and address leaks this summer:

#1. Fire and flood prevention

Regularly cleaning your gutters and roof of fallen leaves and debris can protect your home from flooding and minimize bush fire risks. Cleaning gutters and cleaning roofs help clear the floe for water to drain effectively.

#2. Prepare for unpredictable summer weather

In Adelaide, we occasionally experience summer days with strong winds and heavy rainfall. Inspecting your roof before summer can protect your home. A well-maintained roof can prevent water damage and roof leaks.

#3. Ready the chimney for the upcoming winter

During summer, remember your fireplace. This is the ideal time to examine your roof around the chimney for any cracks or leaks in preparation for the following winter. Fix any damage and clean out fireplaces and chimneys to ensure a smooth transition into warmer weather.

#4. Maintain air conditioner ducts before the heat arrives

Before temperatures rise, include an aircon check during your routine roof inspection. Examine the air conditioner ducts in your ceiling and passing through your roof for any developing leaks or cracks. Schedule a professional to inspect your roof and service your aircon to address potential leaks.

By inspecting and repairing your roof during the summer, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is prepared for any weather conditions. Plumfast offers skilled and experienced professionals to help preserve your roof’s integrity.

With Plumfast’s team of skilled and knowledgeable plumbers, you can ensure that your roof remains structurally sound and protected from any potential weather-related damages.

Roof Maintenance in Rental Properties: Who Bears the Responsibility?

Both landlords and tenants share the duty of repairs and maintenance in rental properties. Tenants should inform landlords of any issues, and landlords are required to address repairs within a reasonable timeframe. As a tenant, it’s vital to monitor your roof regularly, cleaning gutters and cleaning roofs is crucial.

In most cases, the landlord is responsible for consumables like the replacement of burned-out light bulbs and tap filters and for extensive gardening tasks like the pruning of fruit trees. Don’t rely on landlords to check on your roof.

Tenants are usually responsible for tasks such as cleaning air conditioner filters (if instructed) and general garden maintenance like mowing and weeding.

Landlords remain accountable for repairs even if tenants were aware of issues upon moving in. Problems noted as exclusions in the tenancy agreement or severe structural issues listed in a housing improvement notice are not the landlord’s responsibility to fix.

Preventive Roof Maintenance: Essential Steps to Avoid Costly Leaks

Here are some steps you can take to maintain your roof and prevent leaks:

  • Examine your roof for missing or damaged tiles
  • Inspect flashings around chimneys and vents
  • Clean gutters routinely
  • Ensure no debris or leaves are obstructing your roof’s drainage
  • Get an annual roof inspection from a qualified expert.

Contact Plumfast at 1300 758 632 if you need to check on your roof and suspect a leak in your roof or elsewhere in your home.

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