Evaporative Air Conditioning Service

Don’t wait for those hot Adelaide days – book in your evaporative air conditioner service today.
An evaporative air conditioning unit is among the most efficient systems to cool your home. There are many great benefits for your health, home and wallet.

An evaporative air conditioner has many great benefits for your health and home.

  • Providing fresh, clean air to your home. Air is constantly drawn from the outside then cooled and filtered as it enters your home.
  • An eco-friendly system, using water to naturally cool air as it enters your home, using no chemicals.
  • They are cost effective; you will save on electricity costs.
  • Your windows and doors can stay open during summer so you can easily move in and out of living areas.

We recommend getting your evaporative units serviced two times a year. You will get the best out of your unit; the startup service should be complete in the springtime as the weather warms up. Also, a service to begin the shutdown process, ensuring the units receive maximum rest time after a long summer.

Although evaporatives have fewer moving parts than refrigerated air conditioning units, they need to be regularly checked. The cooling pads can become clogged with dust and leaves during the inactive cooler months. This results in reduced air conditioning capacity that uses far more water and power to run.

Another reason to regularly service the unit is that over winter, the water used for cooling is stagnant and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. When the unit is turned on again during warmer weather, this stagnant water cycles through the cooling pads and into your home.

Service check list for your evaporative air conditioner unit
What’s included in our service:
  • We remove the louvers and filter pads and clean any debris.
  • We clean down all pads to ensure they are ready for correct operation.
  • We check water levels and water distribution across filter pads to ensure complete saturation.
  • We replace water reservoir with fresh water, ensuring it’s hygiene.
  • We test the unit to ensure correct water usage rates and operation of the pump, fan and dump valve.
  • We check the run off drain pipe for suitable discharge and any excess water usage.
  • We check the controller for any fault codes and ensure it is operating correctly.

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