Common Hot Water Systems Issues

A functioning hot water system is a key to a productive household and when something like a hot water system malfunctions. It can leave the best of households wondering what to do next. What you can do, is give Plumfast a call as our experience and helpful and friendly staff can give you the peace of mind. Knowing that we treat your malfunctioning hot water system as an emergency; addressing your hot water system on the same day.

Repairs to your hot water system are considered our priority and to sustain the life of your hot water tank; it is best to contact us as early as discovery of an issue. The most common issues we are contacted or called out for are:

Discovering you have no hot water into your shower or kitchen basin.

A pilot that continues to extinguish (often replacing a faulty thermocouple)

Leaking water around the base of the hot water system.

Often our technicians will discover the real issues with the hot water system once they assess the symptoms using their experience and knowledge. Often, this inspection is conducted by our field technicians. That will then tell us whether it will be a simple repair job for your hot water system; whether it may be replacing a simple part such as thermocouple to reignite a pilot light, or just tightening of a loose connection to limit the leaking or possibly adjusting the thermostat level.

With all the minor cases becoming very common it is not at all uncommon for there to be major problems waiting to be uncovered. Our field technicians have often been exposed to major corrosion of the storage tank, or, a serious gas leaks and are well equipped to identify whether the tank would need replacing or repaired. It is important to never postpone your minor inspections as we treat them as an emergency you should too. It could save you a larger cost in the near future.

Replacing a hot water system is considered a last resort and wont be something our technicians or our friendly staff will force upon you. We will be transparent with you and only estimate the length of life the system will have left once inspected. When it does come time to replace your hot water system, we will be there to help you decide and choose the best cost effective option for the size your household will need. Our professional service wont end with fitting your brand new hot water system, we will also take your old system away for your convenience.

Plumfast can supply and install Apricus, AquaMAX, Bosch, Chromagen, Dux, Edwards, Pyrox and Rheem hot water services in Adelaide.