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Residential and Commercial Hot Water Systems

Thermann 17R Continuous Flow Hot Water System Water Heater Installation Plumber Adelaide HWS

Gas Hot Water

Be efficient and reliable all year round with continuous gas hot water.

Thermann Electric Hot Water Unit Water Heater Repair Electric Hot Water System

Electric Hot Water

Instant hot water provided by an electric storage tank or tankless water heater.

iStore 270L Heat Pump Water Heater Lifespan

Heat Pumps

Enjoy premium efficiency and performance with heat pump technology.

Thermann Solar Electric Conserve Water Solar Water Heater Eco Plumbing

Solar Hot Water

Store hot water created directly from sunlight with solar water heaters.

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Plumfast found its place in the local communities of SA in 1975. From the beginning, we were determined to provide the community with reliable, honest, and technically gifted full-service local plumbers Adelaide and emergency plumbing.

Three generations of plumbers and 48 years on, we continue to build long-term relationships with homeowners. We aim to provide family-friendly service, transparency, and respect for you and your home.

We are local plumbers Adelaide with licensed technicians with a wide range of specialties that can get the job done professionally, promptly and neatly.

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Preventative Maintenance

Flexi-Hose Inspection and Replacments

Flexi-Hoses should be replaced every 5 years. When rust starts to form on the flexi-hoses, they are at risk of causing serious damage.

  • Replace Up To 5 Flexi-Hoses
  • $ 295
  • Expires 31 Dec 2023 
Flexi Hose Replacements Plumbers Adelaide

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