It can be difficult to know whether you should attempt professional drain cleaning in Adelaide on your own or call a professional. ‘Liquid Drain Cleaner’ a drain clog that you fix yourself with home remedies can give the illusion that the problem is solved, but that isn’t the case always.

Many times, using a chemical cleaner, plunger, or drain snake will only remove a small amount of debris from your pipes leaving sludge behind. This sludge will stay coated on your pipes, allowing new debris to cling on and cause another drain clog in a short period of time.

So, will a professional drain cleaning be advantageous to you in the long run? Here are some benefits of professional drain cleaning in Adelaide versus home remedies.


Professionals have access to tools that the homeowner doesn’t have access to. Whether there’s a clog in the laundry room, kitchen, or bathroom, a professional will be equipped with the tools and the know-how to get the job done right.

Professional cleaning services involve using a combination of drain snakes and other tools, plus safe solutions like a drain maintainer. These solutions work by clearing your drains without spoiling the integrity of your pipes. Through natural biological activity, helpful bacteria absorb the grease and organic buildups in your pipes and turn them into harmless by-products. A biofilm then coats the inside of the drain pipes and continues to consume the organic wastes that result in professional drain cleaning in Adelaide.

In addition to their services, professionals can also give recommendations to ensure the pipes stay in optimal condition.


Drain cleaners bought from the store can offer a quick fix and a sense of instant gratification. However, these products are very toxic and can actually cause more problems than they solve.

The fumes will linger long after use which can lead to eye, nose and lung irritation.

The chemicals are not safe for the environment and can end up in landfills.

Drain cleaners may not be able to clear the drain, causing an unnecessary exposure to harmful chemicals.

The chemicals in solutions for drain cleaning in Adelaide can spoil your pipes.

Drain cleaners can cause chemical burns if it splashes onto your skin.


While it may seem like calling a professional to your home to perform any service will be costly, this isn’t always true. Preventative maintenance like preventing blocked drains in Adelaide is required for your plumbing and can actually save you money in the long run by fixing a problem before it starts.

Home remedies often only hide the clog, leaving debris in the pipes that you can’t see. If a clog isn’t fully cleared in a clogged shower drain in Adelaide, home remedies will have to be purchased over and over again to prevent drains from clogging. While the expense may not seem like a lot, it will begin to add up over time and could exceed the cost of a professional plumber’s service so blocked drains home remedies are actually not helpful.

Drain cleaners can begin to deteriorate your pipes if used often enough. This can cause a cracked or burst pipe which will require an emergency visit from a plumber that may not have been needed before.

With all of the chemical solutions for drain cleaning in Adelaide in the market, it often feels like you, as a homeowner, can unclog any drain yourself. While we know that you surely can get rid of some clogs on your own there are times when the situation may call for a plumber.

Here’s a look at how DIY drain cleaning shapes up against cleaning done by a professional.

DIY Drain Cleaning

Most DIYers have tools. They keep a bottle of foam, liquid or gel drain cleaner in the house and they have a plunger too. Some more ambitious DIYers have a snake or a bottle of compressed air in the house as well for drain cleaning in Adelaide.

Unfortunately, when you use chemical drain cleaners, the chemicals aren’t only attacking nasty clogs. They can deteriorate the cement holding your piping together. Additionally, the drain cleaners that are in the market are filled with harmful and poisonous chemicals. If you have children or pets or you’d like to lower your carbon footprint it’s a great idea to stay away from chemical cleaners. Instead, try a natural, non-toxic formula.

Plungers and other mechanical methods are your best way for clearing away blockages in your drains. Many homeowners have saved their floors, carpets, walls, and more from serious damage through drain cleaning in Adelaide with a plunger. So, we highly recommend that you keep two plungers one to use for the toilet and the other for, cleaner drains.

Many DIYers also use compressed air or a snake to clear a clog. This can be a little tricky, however. Compressed air has a 50/50 chance of making a dent in the problem and it can cause debris to come flying backwards out of the drain and onto you or your floor.

You can use a snake for drain cleaning in Adelaide if you understand how it works and know that your sewer system doesn’t have any structural issues that may become worse by snaking. Often, when a sewer line or drain doesn’t clear with simple methods, there is something more wrong than meets the eye. Your system may have root intrusion, broken pipes, or offset sewer lines. A snake won’t fix these issues.

When a clog doesn’t clear using your DIY methods, or you have a drain that always clogs no matter what you do it’s time to call the professionals. Not only are they able to diagnose why a clog is happening, but they also won’t use harmful chemicals for drain cleaning in Adelaide, and they will leave your home in a better condition than they found it.

Plumbers have professional equipment for all types of problems. They can snake your drains, hydroplane your pipes, and can even put a camera into your system to discover the root cause of a persistent clog. It might be that all of your DIY methods could have worked if only your pipes were set at a proper angle.

There are many causes of a drain clog. If you can’t easily find a solution or you are at your wit’s end tackling your plumbing system, don’t Google around for DIY remedies for drain cleaning in Adelaide, you need a professional drain cleaning. Call in the professional drain cleaning, Plumfast and let them help you not only remove the clog but find a permanent solution.

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