Maintain Your Garden This Summer With An Irrigation Health Check

We are accustom to Adelaide’s heat and it doesn’t look like it will let up soon. This is the perfect time to take care of your nurtured garden before the is a broken irrigation system.

Ensuring your irrigation system is healthy with regular maintenance checks will save you, your lawn, plants and unnecessary money in leaking water. Through winter it is difficult to identify problems or faults, until summer arrives and there is a reliance on the system for your plants. Preventative measures used on your plumbing and electrical are recommended and we suggest the same for an irrigation health check to keep costs low in the long run.

Your garden can be maintained through the summer months and, ideally with an irrigation systems. With less water needing to be used with a controlled and planned watering schedule. Will become the perfect backdrop to the outdoors lifestyle we enjoy during hotter months. But there are several connecting and moving parts to an irrigation system that need maintenance.

Signs of a faulty irrigation system

  • The pipe joints are constantly coming apart, due to higher water pressure
  • Your sprinkler heads are popping up when they’re not meant to
  • There are areas of your garden or lawn that are regularly wet and greener than the rest
  • The heads are always leaking even when the irrigation system is turned off.

Depending on the style of your irrigation system, it may become clogged or damaged if the pipes are above ground while pipes underneath the ground can crack and leak water.

A water leak can waste up to 20,000 litres of water per year, an irrigation system are common causes of water leaks. If you suspect a water leak, it’s best to get on top of it and prevent any further wastage.

This time of the year is ideal for some home maintenance and gives you a chance to check your irrigation system. Ensuring its efficiencies and cost effectiveness throughout the hot weather periods.

Irrigation system repairs

Are you not sure where the faults lie in your irrigation system? With several interconnecting points and moving parts, Plumfast will find the source of the problem sooner than later. We’ll check for faulty or irreparable parts and replace them to get the irrigation system up and running again. We locate and repair or replace sprinkler heads, pipes, controllers and solenoid valves.

Irrigation system service

Preventive maintenance is always the best service – it costs less in the long run. The same applies to your irrigation system. To ensure it stays in excellent working condition over summer, we recommend regular maintenance throughout the year.

Here are our tips to do some DIY maintenance of your irrigation system through the year:
  • Turn on the irrigation system once a month in winter to flush out bugs and other debris collecting in valves.
  • To help find a leak, turn the irrigation system on and walk along the irrigation lines, listen for hissing sounds of water escaping or damp patches on the lawn or in the garden.
  • Enjoy your luscious green lawn this summer and don’t let your efforts, or water – be wasted