A Plumbing Checklist For The Festive Season

While you are hosting your latest Christmas shindig or having your family or friend stay with you this festive season the last thing, you’d wish to worry about are leaking taps, blocked drains or you and your guests taking cold showers. To assist with your holiday season preparations, we suggest you add the next five tips to your summer preparation; leaving the only Christmas disaster to the post-feast unbuttoned pants and opened belts.

Request to have your homes plumbing system inspected in advance

When plumbing issues occur, they generally don’t start with the small stuff, often it may be an unanticipated hot water system failure or burst pipes popping the festival bubble. Nonetheless, trying to make a service call during your holidays can be quite difficult to arrange; it is better to have your home’s plumbing system checked by a professional in advance so that you can have peace of mind this summer knowing that there is no imminent plumbing adversity waiting for you.

Is your hot water system operating correctly?

If you are the lucky one in the family who is hosting and will have you home full of guests, it won’t be completely uncommon if you continuously run out of hot water. With such a substantial increase in pressure from your average yearly use, it would be recommended to have a professional opinion regarding the life the system will have for this summer and the foreseeable future and if a replacement would be required.

Taking care of your throne

Ensuring toilets are used in principle in your own home can save a drain malfunction occurring anywhere near this busy period. It is best not to use your drain as a place to deposit sanitary wipes and napkins or cigarette butts (extreme… we know but) nothing is out of the ordinary in our world.

Limit your time in the bathroom to relieve the pressure on the bathroom drains

You might not like me saying this but if you have many guests staying over and you haven’t had a chance to reline your drains… you might want to reduce the shower times and give the showers a break in between.

Not just running water, but hair is a major reason that we constantly see blocking drains in bathrooms. If you are an unable to reach a professional and desperate for a DIY you can tip a mixture of vinegar and salt down the drain, allowing for some temporary relief.

Be on alert as to what goes down the kitchen drain

Blocked drains in Adelaide are a common problem and no one wants them to harm that holiday feeling. Not allowing oils or cooking grease will help prevent your drains from clogging, also try to offload any scraps of food that finds its way into the bottom of the sink strainers.

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