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Gutter Clean

Gutters do more than just help rainwater reach the ground. They’re also where all sorts of unpleasantness can accumulate over time – twigs, leaves and other debris.
Gutters that are clogged may not be able to do their job properly. And if they’re overloaded, the debris may overflow and get into cracks in a foundation wall or under a basement window. If water gets into those places, it can seep into your home and cause water damage.
This is where Plumfast enters the picture! We are a team of well-equipped professionals with the tools and experience to do multi-level gutter cleaning. For your two-storey home or townhouse in SA, let our harness-equipped team access it and do the job. All staff deployed to your property is fully insured to carry out services that adhere to industry best practice safety measures and standards.
We do more than clean out your gutters. Our services extend to thoroughly clearing the roof of leaves and debris, checking for any leaks or defects, and inspecting downpipes to ensure they are clear. You can rely on us to do everything we can to assure your gutters are cleared, and other related issues are taken care of, requiring less maintenance in the future.
The gutter cleaning crew only leaves once the work is done, all waste has been removed, and before and after images and a report on the gutters have been submitted. Plumfast’s services are guaranteed to please you, so don’t miss out on this promotion.

Terms and Conditions:
  • Price includes GST.
  • This special must be mentioned at the time of the booking.
  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other discount, offer voucher or promotion.
  • Properties with excessive trees may require additional time; this will be quoted on site prior to works commencing. Special does not allow to clean inaccessible areas due to tight access or roof pitch.
  • Valid until 31st December 2022


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