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Hot Water Service Check

An annual service check will ensure your hot water system lasts for a long time. Let Plumfast, the reliable hot water service provider in Adelaide, handle your annual maintenance service checks for peace of mind. With almost 50 years of experience, our professional plumbers can assure your water heater is working all year-round in top condition.
We carry out an hour of annual service as per the manufacturer’s recommendations and considering that the heater is in good working order. We visually inspect the hot water service unit and its pipework for their correct operation. Not just this, we ensure the correct operation of your gas burner or electric element and their thermostat. The burner pressure, temperature and thermocouple are also checked including their weather protection seals found on the storage tank. Upon inspecting, we clean and dust off the internal components so that no dirt can stop the unit from working.
In addition to checking gas pressure and isolation valves, our service technicians can inspect and test the solar panel or heat pump if necessary. For the final touch, we relight the pilot and test the hot water service.
When it comes to non-functioning or faulty hot water systems, let our experienced service technicians handle them. We will provide a detailed quote for the additional labour or materials needed to repair or replace the hot water system along with the professional service at the additional standard rate of $149 (GST included).
All works are carried out efficiently so by the time you turn on the faucet, a warm stream of fresh hot water is ready for you to use for showering or washing dishes. Get hot water service from Plumfast and enjoy these kinds of conveniences at a lower cost. Hurry now and don’t miss out on this deal.
Terms and Conditions:

Price includes GST.
  • This special must be mentioned at the time of the booking.
  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other discounts, offers, vouchers or promotions.
  • The standard hot water service includes 1 hour on site with a heater in good working order.
  • Hot water systems that are not operational or require repairs will incur a further charge. The standard $149 inc GST will still apply; a quote for additional labour or materials to repair or replace the hot water system will be provided.
  • Promo is only valid until 30th June 2022.


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