Get your home into shape this Spring

Spring is the perfect time of the to get your home into tip top shape following a draining wet winter. Below are some of the Spring maintenance checks for your properties leading into the hotter months. See how you could roll up your sleeves and make sure your house is ready for the entertainment or the clean, peaceful relaxation you deserve.

Gutter clean

I know we didn’t stop explaining about gutter all autumn but keep in mind that there may still be debris in your gutters and downpipes. It’s important for your gutters to be clean and clear all year round, this will help protect your gutters from stagnant water and debris in the warmer months; ensuring the longevity of the gutters and unwanted bugs and disease stay away. We recommend routine cleans, whether you do them yourself or contact a plumber to help.

Check exposed pipes for signs of leaks

In winter we warn of pipes freezing and bursting, so once Spring comes along, we often see far more present problems. Maintain a routine checkup of garden taps, water lines and water hoses and monitor for any leaks.

Spring maintenance questions we ask to find inefficiencies in your pipe work and their functionality:

  • Excessively high water bills even with no change to water consumption
  • Unpleasant odours caused by moisture unable to dry
  • Pools of moisture surrounding indoor and outdoor fittings, such as the toilet or garden hose.
  • Water meter check
  • Use this fantastic little test in your Spring maintenance that indicates a present water leak
  • Locate your water meter
  • Before you go to bed, record the number on your water meter
  • When you first get up in the morning record the number present.

Now, if the two numbers you record are extremely different, you could potentially have a water leak. If they are either the same or slightly different, this is a good indication you are leak free!

Water heater check

You should really be checking up on your water heater this Spring. It worked overtime this winter to ensure you and your family never went without a cold shower! Your first steps are to ensure there are no leaks or any visible wear and tear on the unit. You may want to check the pilot light and ensure your emergency procedures are correct. Contact us to have a complete inspect and service on your water heaters in your Spring maintenance.

Check taps and shower head for leaks

While you are enjoying your spring clean add checks for leaking taps as you are in and out of your kitchen, bathroom and powder room. Take a note of all the taps you need to be service and give us a call, we can offer a competitive fee as we service all the taps you request in one visit.

A single dripping tap can waste up to 20 thousand litres of water year! (I’m sure you can work out how much that would cost in wasted water) – this is why a Spring maintenance is so important.

Spring is a beautiful time of the year and the weather can hopefully live up to expectations and leave you plenty of time to spruce up your home, leaving it as pretty as your garden that I’m sure many of you are looking forward to attending too. Keep the Spring maintenance checks with you to add to your DIY projects; Plumfast is always here for more advice, if you would prefer us to visit, we can arrange for our local knowledgeable plumbers to initiate routine inspections.

You can reach us on 1300 758 632 or schedule a booking right here on our website so we can help with your spring maintenance.

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