We’re used to the heat here in Adelaide, and it looks like it’s here to stay. Before any problems with your irrigation system emerge, now is the time to have an Irrigation Health Check performed on your precious landscape.

Regular maintenance checks on your irrigation system can save you, your lawn, and your plants and prevent unnecessary water waste. During winter, detecting problems or faults is challenging until summer arrives, and the system becomes crucial for plant care.

Just as you would take preventative measures for plumbing and electrical systems, we recommend the same for an Irrigation Health Check to keep long-term costs low. A properly functioning irrigation system can maintain your garden throughout the summer.

A controlled and well-planned watering schedule minimises water usage and provides the perfect outdoor setting for our warmer months. However, irrigation systems have multiple interconnected components that require maintenance. Regular checkups can significantly reduce your water bill, but knowing what to watch for is essential!

Irrigation Health Check Indicators

Signs that your irrigation system needs an Irrigation Health Check:

  • Pipe joints frequently separate due to high water pressure
  • Sprinkler heads pop up when not in use
  • Some areas of your garden or lawn appear wetter and greener than others
  • Heads consistently leak, even when the irrigation system is off

Plumbing Inspection Plumbing Leak Detection

Depending on your irrigation system’s design, above-ground pipes may become clogged or damaged, while underground pipes can crack and leak water. A single water leak can waste up to 20,000 liters annually, with irrigation systems being common culprits. If you suspect a water leak, it’s best to address it promptly to prevent further waste.

This time of year is ideal for home maintenance, allowing you to inspect your irrigation system and ensure its efficiency and cost-effectiveness throughout the hot weather.

Irrigation System Repairs

Unsure about the issues within your irrigation system? With numerous interconnected components and moving parts, Plumfast can pinpoint the problem swiftly. We’ll inspect for damaged or unfixable parts and replace them to get your irrigation system back in working order. Our team locates and repairs or replaces sprinkler heads, pipes, controllers, and solenoid valves.

Irrigation System Maintenance

Preventative upkeep is always the most cost-effective solution in the long run, and this also holds for your irrigation system. To keep it functioning optimally during summer, we advise regular yearly maintenance.

Here are some DIY tips for maintaining your irrigation system throughout the year:

Activate the irrigation system monthly in winter to flush out insects and debris accumulating in valves.

One way to detect a potential leak in your irrigation system is by activating it and walking along the lines while keeping an ear out for a hissing sound of water leakage or checking for damp areas in your lawn or garden.

Relish your lush green lawn this summer, and don’t waste your hard work or water. For more information about Irrigation Regulations, click here.

Don’t wait for emergency plumbing – schedule your Irrigation Health Check as soon as possible.

If you suspect you need an Irrigation Health Check in Adelaide, contact Plumfast today at  8281 7783.

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