A blocked drain is one of the main reasons people rely on plumbers. Can often be extremely frustrating as it can create foul smells and cause other minor issues around your home.

Can you suspect a blocked drain? There is good news, you may be able to clear it yourself with our tips to clear a blocked drain. Firstly, see if you can identify the signs of a blocked drain:

Foul Smell

Your sense of smell could uncover the first sign of a block drain. In most cases, this is a sewage-like scent.


It is quite alarming to see water spill back up and struggling to drain away. We are used to seeing water flow away with no issue but of you see that overflow of water you could be facing a blockage.

Gurgling sounds

Listen out for a gurgling sound that will usually occur when water is trying to drain and pushing against the pipe.

Slow drainage

You might notice that water pools for longer than expected when emptying your sink, draining the bath or taking a shower.

A Blocked Drain

If you noticed one of the above signs occurring in your bathroom or kitchen, don’t panic; there are plenty of home remedies you can choose from. Keep in mind, how you clear the blocked will depend on what caused the blockage.

Boiling water

Pouring boiling water into your blocked drain is extremely useful when the blockages are caused by grease, conditioner and other kinds of toiletries. These substances have a low melting point and a kettle of water can help shift the blockage.

Natural cleaners

Using natural cleaners created a fizzing effect that breaks blockages apart. Start by pouring hot water down the drain, followed by one cup of bicarbonate of soda and a cup of vinegar. Let it sit for ten minutes, the chase it with more hot water. This combination can be effective to breaking down blockages.

Caustics cleaners

If your drains are needing a more abrasive cleaner to try and get the drain flowing again, you can buy caustic cleaners. This will help dissolve grease, fats, and oils. Always follow instructions provided on the package.


Grab this out of your plumbing emergency kit, assisting with local blockages.

Plumbers drain snake

If those DIY fixes haven’t been effective or have only been short term fixes, then we can start looking at the professional tools that licensed plumbers use to unclog drains. Drain snakes delve further into pipes and can remove blockages deep in the system.


To get a better understanding of what is causing the blockage we can use CCTV. We insert a camera along with a tool (like a drain snake) to ensure it can reach the blockage, producing greater information to create a plan to unclog your drain.

Hydro jet

Hydro jets use intense sharp bursts of water to remove debris, leaving very little in the way of the natural flow of your pipes.

Pipe Relining

We often see intrusive tree roots damaging and cracking pipes and these above methods would seem like a temporary fix. Pipe relining is an efficient and effective alternative when repairing broken pipes.

Use the signs to identify those block drains and follow up with our tips to clear a blocked drain. If they aren’t effective, it would be time to call a plumber. Rely on us to offer expert advice on your blocked drain in Adelaide.

Don’t wait for emergency plumbing – get your blocked drains attended to sooner than later.

Call Plumfast in Adelaide today on 8281 7783 if you suspect you have a blocked drain. Our plumbers have the tools on hand to unblock even your stickiest of problems from the causes of blocked drains. Save yourself unnecessary expenses – best to get on top of blocked drain sooner than later!

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