Causes of Blocked Drains

Clogged drains can be unsightly and foul-smelling, causing damage to your home’s floors and walls. In Adelaide, the causes of blocked drains are everyday household items or waste, including hair, tissues, toilet paper, wet wipes, grease, fat, food scraps, and small debris. Blocked drains are also prevalent in neighbourhoods with mature trees, where deep root systems can break into underground pipes. Ignoring blocked drains can lead to health issues, which we’ll discuss further.

Blocked Drain Adelaide: Home and Health Consequences

Addressing blocked drains promptly can prevent damage to your home and protect you and your family from potential health risks. Like the human body, your home has a network of channels designed to remove waste efficiently.

In people, obstructions can cause digestive problems, colds, and allergies. Similarly, in homes, wastewater that cannot be eliminated effectively can lead to waste flowing back into your drinking water, bacteria growth, insect infestations, dampness, and swelling in walls and foundations. These issues can compromise your home’s structural integrity and cause wall cracks.

Negative effects of blocked drain:

  • Foul odours
  • Slow-draining water
  • Toilet water being sucked back after flushing
  • Click here for some helpful tips on clearing clogged drains.

Preventing Common Clogged Drains with Plumbers’ Assistance

Prevention is the best solution to minimise the occurrence of clogged drains. Here are the most common types of blocked drains and how to prevent them:

Clogged Toilet Plumber

Toilet blockages can result from nappies, baby wipes, sanitary napkins, and other bulky items that should be thrown in the trash. Discuss with your family or housemates the costs of unclogging toilets caused by flushing inappropriate items.

Clogged Sink Plumber

Blocked sink drains often stem from food scraps, oil, and fats. It’s best to collect fats and oils in a jar for disposal in the trash and use suitable kitchen waste plugs to capture food scraps instead of letting them go down the sink.

Clogged Laundry Plumber

Over time, laundry drain blockages are often caused by hair and detergent buildup from washing machines or sinks. Regularly cleaning the washing machine filter is recommended, as it’s easily overlooked.

Clogged Shower Plumber

Showers frequently experience blockages due to hair, soap, conditioner, and other products. While using these items is unavoidable, remove hair from the drain to allow for proper waste drainage.

Clogged Stormwater Plumber

Tree roots, garden waste, dirt, and general debris can obstruct stormwater systems and prevent proper drainage away from your home. The tiniest cracks in your pipes can attract tree roots, which can grow rapidly once inside.

Hand-Held Cleaners

For minor jobs like sinks, basins, and floor drains, our hand-held drain cleaners efficiently remove blockages with minimal impact on surrounding pipes.

Electric Drain Cleaner

Our plumbers are skilled in using electric drain cleaners for various household and stormwater drains. These devices have a cutter on end and can navigate long sections of curved pipes, chopping tree roots or other solid objects and flushing them out.


We employ the latest hydro-jet technology for more stubborn stormwater blockages, which uses a high-pressure water jet to disperse tree roots or other obstructions. This method is gentler on PVC or older pipes and might be preferable depending on your property.

Sewer Cameras

If a blockage persists, we use CCTV sewer cameras to investigate problematic drains. These cameras have location heads to pinpoint the exact location of the blockage, intrusion, or leak.

Don’t wait for an emergency – address the causes of blocked drains Adelaide sooner rather than later

Contact Plumfast in Adelaide today at 8281 7783 if you suspect causes of blocked drains. Our plumbers have the tools to resolve even the most challenging issues causes of blocked drains. Save yourself from unnecessary expenses – tackling clogged drains as soon as possible is best!

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Causes of Blocked Drains