What Should Be In Your DIY Plumbing Tool Kit?

Don’t get caught out with expensive after hours call outs, have the basics ready to help. We show the keen and not so keen DIYers what basic tools and parts they should have in their DIY plumbing tool kit.

These rubber cupped superstars are a DIYers best bud but you should consider having two plungers handy.

The red rubber bell shaped plunger is perfect for unclogging drains and showers as their flat surface creates a vacuum for the simple clogged drain.

It is best to have a second plunger to help you battle the blocked toilet. The flange plunger, often known as the toilet plunger, has a fold out flap that fits the curves and bends of the toilets.

Best to keep the two separate – wouldn’t want to use the toilet plunger on the kitchen sink…

Multi grip pliers

These allow anyone to get maximum grip and have an easy release. These can really be used for anything that needs tightening or loosening. When using the grips on sanitary ware use a thick, soft cloth between the grips to avoid scratches and marks.

Plumber’s tape

Plumbers have a fatal attraction to Teflon tape… they seal the threads of screwed in fittings. The tape seals up shower breaches and hot water systems. As a guide, white tape is good but for a stronger, longer lasting seal find yourselves pink tape.

Tap socket kit

Having these tube socket set you’ll improve your chances of tightening a spindle where other spanners wont fit. You can slide a socket over the spindle to find the perfect fit. Then use a screwdriver or shifting spanner on the end as a handle.

Tap washers

Dripping taps are fun for nobody, which is why you should keep some washers on hand in cases of emergency. It’s best to steer clear of nylon types and maintain a collection of brass Hydroseals. Depending on the style of spindle to suit you can choose from a flat or soft turn versions.


Another crucial part of the tap repair kit, find yourselves a multi pack that comes with different sized rubbers and fiber washers as well. You will have everything you need for a DIY tap repair.

Drain cleaner (Auger/plumber’s snake)

Blocked drains can occur after hours and can become very expensive to call out a plumber. It’s best to have a small drain auger/cleaner that can save you a wait till the next morning.

Old towels

It may seem conventional but having a set of towels or rags can save arguments over using the nice towels. Collect them so you can quickly get your hands on to mop up a burst drain or overflowing toilet can be worth their weight in gold.

It is time to start pulling together your DIY plumbing tool kit. If you think the task might be a little out of your range of ability, please give us a call at Plumfast on 1300 758 632. If it’s not urgent send us a message and we will take care of the job for you, nothing is too big or too small.

Until then, enjoy the DIY plumbing.